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  • This may make perfect price-value sense to the beauracrat, but I know a number of people who would lose months or years of their life to worry — worry that could be short-circuited with an inexpensive biopsy.

    Coyote Blog » 2009 » September

  • But, the left will say, we will put really smart people on this board, who are angels of public service, who will make perfect decisions on the price-value tradeoffs of innovation (have you noticed that all their programs seem dependent on this assumption?) Back to our computer example, these guys, they would argue, would have been smart enough to have given Jobs and Wozniak the green light.

    Coyote Blog » 2009 » September

  • BTIG media analyst Richard Greenfield notes that "when you can subscribe to Netflix and have a virtual video store for $7.99 a month, buying a movie ticket that costs north of $10—and if you're in 3D, $15-plus—I just think the price-value equation is under pressure."

    Beyond Popcorn and Nachos

  • The company has said that combining better marketing and a more attractive "price-value equation" should help the business.

    Mott's Adds Vegetable Drink, Taking Aim at Campbell's V8

  • This is a tricky minuet and some of the best marketers have fallen by upsetting a delicate price-value equation.

    Tom Doctoroff: Advertising in China: What's New, What's Not

  • More on what I call the only good idea for reducing health care spending — making individuals responsible for making price-value purchasing tradeoffs like we do, oh say, with absolutely everything else we buy.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » A Rare Links Post

  • We want to constantly delight and surprise customers on the price-value equation across all segments.

    Levi Strauss Wants To Wear Well

  • That's at least how he put it in Volume I of Capital; by Volume III, there were some difficulties to deal with, mainly the fact that most products are made from raw materials that have their own set of values, and that one couldn't necessarily assume that the price-value equality would remain constant throughout the chain of production.

    E pur si muove

  • No matter what, shoppers, regardless of whether they are psychologically gun shy or genuinely penny-pinched, require a reconfigured price-value equation.

    Tom Doctoroff: How Marketers Can Win During China's "Recession"

  • However, penetration is largely driven by sales push, underpinned by a very adequate price-value equation, rather than active consumer preference.

    Tom Doctoroff: Chinese Global Brands: A Long Road to Rome


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