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  • noun Plural form of prig.


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  • They call earnest Christian people 'prigs'; and your mother was so surprised when I told her I belonged to the W.C. T. U., and said, 'Oh, my dear, don't; that sort of thing stamps one!'

    The Day of The Cyclone

  • Fox News Porn - the prurience of prigs - Boing Boing

    Boing Boing

  • Well, it was painful to watch people supposedly representing the side of ‘nice and normal’ being so clearly shown to be a bunch of self-serving, arse-covering prigs … lines of the ‘debate’?

    ‘Rent A Mob’ Attack Police At BBC TV Centre « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • I'd take this old lady for a nieghbor any day over any of the self-righteous prigs hammering at her.

    Elderly Women Charged With Beating Fawn To Death

  • Indeed it does, and you don't have to be an anarchist to smile wickedly as Coward's characters poke bruising fun at all the censorious prigs, both moral and political, who talk a better game than they play.

    When Coward's Amanda Turns Cougar

  • And it is that very character that makes him appealing to the punditry who talk him up - they are just like him, opportunists who swing with the breeze of public opinion, who like to claim the high ground in order to sneer upon the commoners below, who think that being the center of attention is always good and that principles are something only prigs and fools have ...

    Joe Lieberman as the Democrats Sarah Palin?

  • You all come off like such a bunch of prudes and prigs, you make Abigail van Buren seem like Jenna Jameson.

    Matthew Yglesias » Jessica Valenti on Anti-Feminists and So-Called “Hook-up Culture”

  • Liberal prigs who believe we have no right to pry into the sex lives of footballers are now to be found demanding just such a right.

    What's So Super About Super Injunctions?

  • Sad to say, the new version, which is billed by express order of the Gershwin brothers' estates as "The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess," is a sanitized, heavily cut rewrite that strips away the show's essence so as to render it suitable for consumption by 21st-century prigs.

    A 'Porgy' For Prigs

  • Have you self-righteous prigs forgotten all about the womanizing Kennedies?

    Jenny Sanford files for divorce


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