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  • n. Plural form of primer.


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  • The main purpose of most primers is to improve the adhesion of the finish paint by providing a non-glossy surface that binds the surface to be painted and the finish paint.

    Do it yourself: a primer on paint primers

  • To bore-sight a scope-mounted 12-gauge shotgun barrel, remove the primers from a spent 12-gauge shell and a spent 20-gauge shell.

    Tip of the Day: Bore-Sight Your Shotgun Scope Using Spent Shells

  • They were often excerpted in primers to teach children to read.

    Anecdotes and Observations, Reflections and Critical Remarks

  • These are the items in my cigar box they must not see - comic-book style primers from the Chinese Nationalist press with their Koumintang party seal, the Chinese calligraphy books, the party youth membership card they gave us, the jar of black ink, and the bamboo brushes.


  • Dimitris - Excellent suggestion except that the primers were their own.

    Damn these sequences to hell I say

  • Small charges of dry gun-cotton, known as primers, are generally used to explode wet gun-cotton.

    Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise

  • Scientists begin by designing two short pieces of DNA called "primers" that flank a particular genetic sequence of interest.

    Ars Technica

  • Technicians add 26 short pieces of DNA, called primers: sequences of the chemicals C, A, T and G that link to the beginning and end of each of the 13 sites. 4 Replication: When a primer attaches to the beginning of one of the 13 sites, it acts like the "start" button on a photocopying machine, turning on cellular machinery that makes 1 million copies or more of each site. 5 Identification: Copies of the 13 sites each about 100 to 600 chemical letters long, are separated by size through gel electrophoresis.

    Dusting For Dna

  • You may remember that "primers" are the simple books used to teach small children, like the Dick and Jane reading series, My Little Book of Dinosaurs, or So You Want to be a Lobbyist.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Republican "Fifth Column" Strikes Financial Commission. Are YOU Next?

  • The AR rifles should be used with MILSPEC primers, meaning that they aren't that sensitive.

    The Rifleman's Badge of Honor


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