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  • n. Plural form of primordium.

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  • n. Plural of primordium.


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  • This defense requires an account of the difference between capacities which are activated here and now, or are more or less ready to be so actuated, and radical capacities such as exist in the epigenetic primordia of even very young human beings, and in the genetic and somatic constitution of even the severely disabled.

    Natural Law Theories

  • "Yes, but the key to understanding and manipulating plant form lies in unraveling the communication machinery that enables shoot apical meristem cells to continuously coordinate the processes of stem-cell proliferation and organ primordia initiation."

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • For no one can look at the primordia of the human frame-blood, flesh, bones, vessels, and the like-without much repugnance.

    On the Parts of Animals

  • This experiment was important in showing that the primordia of individual segments in the blastoderm stage were no more than three cells wide.

    Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard - Autobiography

  • It is a littleknown fact that the plant can also be propagated by stem cuttings: nodes along the stem have tissues (primordia) that can produce both roots and sprouts and thereby grow a new plant.

    7. Sorghum

  • Select branches with a well-developed base and aerial root primordia.

    Chapter 12

  • In the chick embryo, it was mainly confined to the study of the effects called forth by estirpation of limb primordia or implantation of additional wing or leg buds on their innervating motor and sensory nerve centers.

    Nobel Lecture The Nerve Growth Factor: Thirty-Five Years Later

  • Further experiments showed that it is the notochord primordia which organize the development of the primordial spinal cord, while, on the other hand, the mesoderm in the head causes the development of a primordial brain.

    Physiology or Medicine 1935 - Presentation Speech

  • Then in front of this blastopore there arise from the ectoderm the primordia of the brain and spinal cord.

    Physiology or Medicine 1935 - Presentation Speech

  • Mangold, the existence of an area in the embryo, the portions of which, upon transplantation into an indifferent part of a second embryo there organized (induced) secondary embryonic primordia.

    Hans Spemann - Biography


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