printing-press love


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  • It does not prevent government debt issuance--historically, governments favored gold standard systems because they make issuing debt easier--although it does prevent printing-press finance of government expenditures.

    What Is the Purpose Of A Gold Standard?

  • With monetarist ideas just beginning to enter mainstream British political discourse, the Havenstein of "When Money Dies" — a printing-press banker supposedly unaware of the connection between soaring inflation and roaring money supply — made a useful villain.

    A Flock of Black Swans

  • Well, given that no developed nation – with the very unusual exception of Japan – has dared for decades to adopt the printing-press solution to government deficits, there are no clear historic guides to how any adjustment process will work.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • Price inflation results either when the supply of money goes up but the supply of goods doesn't, or when speculators devalue currencies by massive short selling, as in those cases of Latin American hyperinflation when printing-press money was used to pay off foreign debt.

    Draft The Bankers; Contain the rats

  • The current head of the Philadelphia fed bank, Charles Plosser, disagrees with Bernanke's strategy of the endless printing-press and ever-increasing fed balance sheet:

    Should We Give the Fed More Power ... Or Less?

  • The real problem is not with the Fed and its freedom of the (money) printing-press, but with the basic cause of the recession namely the speculation in land values.

    Our Out-of-Whack Economy and the Happy Talk Propagandists

  • I have even heard they have a private printing-press there.

    New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn

  • Indeed, what he called the "printing-press scenario" -- boosting the money supply to buy government bonds to create negative real interest rates and temporarily increase growth -- would curb the rise in public debt.

    EU Finances Are Looking Grim

  • I hope this administration does not succeed in dumping vast amounts of printing-press money into the economy, so that taxes must later be raised to withering levels.

    Hopes for the Obama Presidency

  • Clipper leased an abandoned printing-press factory in Cedar Rapids and retooled it to make turbines.

    Alternative Energy's Fortunes Shift With the Winds


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