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  • n. A prissy person
  • v. To dress or behave in a prissy manner


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Back-formation from prissy (analyzed as priss + -y ("(manner)")), noun attested 1923.


  • In the series, the southerners are portrayed as wussy appeasers and the South Carolina representative, Edward Rutledge, is especially played as a priss which is somehow gratifying after campaigns in which the South is portrayed as the home of martial and American values.

    Matt Cooper: John Adams: Good for McCain -- and Kerry, Dukakis

  • It was no wonder that even Miss Pole Stuck Up Her Ass, priss of a boss of hers wanted Rickie Ross so bad.


  • I have to admit I am a bit of a priss when it comes to swearing and profanities.

    Writing Rules « Write Anything

  • The movie turns broad and slightly smarmy when it portrays the conventioneers as hapless Babbitts, and overstresses Tim's status as a hick or, worse still, a priss.

    'Gnomeo': A Bard's Garden of Delights

  • The words he spoke were gone forever, a memory only to those who heard them, never to fly back into his face after going viral on him, or bollocks-up his career prospects due to their nonconformity to the range of acceptable ideas, and he was well beyond the reach of Bowdler and the priss who Gribbenized Huckleberry Finn.

    Eddie's Story

  • My inner priss reared her ugly head, chastising them with Oh, come on!

    If Your Child Farts In A Forest, And You Laugh, Will Anybody Hear It And Judge You? | Her Bad Mother

  • Her perfect priss of a big sister, her married big sister, had a boyfriend!

    Fly Away Home

  • Ellie Dupuis East Bridgewater, Massachusetts Whom is an archaic pronoun, pedantic and fussy, but it's occasionally dusted off and deployed to priss up a sentence.


  • Of course, my inner priss-priss culls through popular culture from the 60s, 70s and 80s and hurls images at me to make me feel bad.

    Suz Redfearn: I Love Xanax

  • I stood by her through the leers and sniggers, casting dirty looks at her tormentors, and maybe the fact that I was considered a bit of a priss actually helped, because by the end of the week, people were clearly getting bored with humiliating her.

    Dreaming in French


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