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  • adv. According to a procedure; following a procedure.
  • adv. In a manner that is concerned with procedure.


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procedural +‎ -ly


  • It is an interesting model of how, in a working liberal democracy of a 'procedurally' secular kind, there can be interaction and public engagement between varieties of both religious and non-religious argument.

    Rome Lecture: 'Secularism, Faith and Freedom'

  • So it is possible to imagine a 'procedurally' secular society and legal system which is always open to being persuaded by confessional or ideological argument on particular issues, but is not committed to privileging permanently any one confessional group.

    Rome Lecture: 'Secularism, Faith and Freedom'

  • To overturn a contract on this ground, the contract must be both "procedurally" unconscionable and "substantively" unconscionable.


  • "procedurally" there is reason to expect progress.

    Breaking News: CBS News

  • Elsewhere on Offworld: huge indie news, as Derek Yu's procedurally-generated rogue-like platformer masterpiece Spelunky is announced for Xbox Live Arcade, and LostWinds -- the gorgeously gentle WiiWare debut game from Elite creators Frontier -- prepares for the Winter of the Melodias, its season-shifting sequel.

    Boing Boing

  • Even though we've already spent all of 2009 plumbing its procedurally generated depths -- over, and over, and over, and over -- on PC, the forthcoming console port of Derek Yu's retro-platformer is worth watching for all the ways in which it won't be a port.

    Ten for 2010: the 10 most-anticipated games coming in the new year Boing Boing

  • They did something procedurally extraordinary to stop the bill from being passed, and he did something procedurally extraordinary to get the bill passed.

    Was what Scott Walker did legal?

  • In perhaps a third way, removing someone from the office would be far more difficult both procedurally and politically - politicians would naturally be more adverse to what could be considered overturning the will of the people.

    Matthew Yglesias » Presidential Trouble

  • In addition, defenders of ACTA do not acknowledge that like SOPA and PIPA it was procedurally bankrupt in attempting to govern the public through an agreement that had been crafted in secret by special interests

    Edward J. Black: Keeping SOPA Measures Out of Trade Agreements ACTA, TPP

  • "Getting the word out within a half-hour is where we are procedurally, practically and technologically."

    Manhunt tests Va. Tech safety plans


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