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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of prod.


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  • The indifferent set of his expression prodded her into a boldness that bordered on rashness.

    The Master Fiddler

  • I ain't never seen a hair-eater up close, and I wasn't about to touch the thing, but I crept up real close and kind of prodded it with my stick.

    The Tortoise in the Hair

  • And it was kind of prodded by a very good editor named Paul Goliv at the Free

    Coal to Cream: A Black Man's Journey Beyond Color to an Affirmation of Race

  • A user named Kusunose had "prodded" it ” that is, put a red-edged banner at the top of the article proposing it for deletion within five days.

    The Charms of Wikipedia

  • Norman also differed from the French of Paris later to evolve—and to be prodded, reassembled, and rationalized by French academicians—into Modern French.

    The English Is Coming!

  • He stuck his fingers between the thorns and prodded; he put his nose as close as he dared, inhaling deeply; he scratched his chin and tugged his ear.

    End of Time

  • But the irreverent Honeymouth, trying to maintain his poise, prodded me, saying, Come on, Superego.

    Dreamseller: The Calling

  • His fingertip came away with a coating of slime, which Umber wiped off on his pant leg. The root paused for a moment, as a worm might when prodded, and then resumed its cautious journey.

    End of Time

  • I prodded teachers for glowing letters of recommendation.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad

  • Ben gritted his teeth as the doctor poked and prodded.

    Parents Behaving Badly


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