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  • n. A syncretic ideology of populist economic nationalism that holds that the productive forces of society — the ordinary worker, the small businessman, and the entrepreneur — are being held back by parasitical elements at the top and bottom of the social structure.


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producer +‎ -ism


  • I confess a gap in my education about this right wing populist trope called "producerism" and it's utterly fascinating. Main RSS Feed

  • The belief system analysts sometimes call "producerism" served nicely. Main RSS Feed

  • The literature delineating the shift from producerism to consumerism is substantial, and still growing.

    Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965–83

  • This right wing producerism (what color is that face when you say "welfare queen") is EVERYWHERE!

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • Calls to rally the virtuous "producing classes" against evil "parasites" at both the top and bottom of society is a tendency called producerism.

    The New Republic - All Feed

  • By the 1850s Sutton shows that the corporate ideals and individual disciplines of religious producerism were expressed in trade unionism, in evangelical missions to workers, in factory preaching, in workers 'congregations, in temperance and Sabbatarianism, in the Sunday school movement, and in the politics of Protestant communal hegemony.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • In the 1920s industrial philosophy of Henry Ford, and Father Coughlin's fascist doctrine in the 1930s, producerism fused with antisemitic attacks against "parasitic" Jews.

    Crooks and Liars

  • And it has always had the same morality, which the historian Michael Kazin has called producerism.

    Marquette Warrior

  • While I do think andragogy reinforces producerism, it easily leads to an overfocus on pragmatism that is ungrounded in theory.


  • Stock, Berlet & Lyons). has written extensively about the long historical association of producerism with oppressive right-wing movements and regimes:

    Crooks and Liars


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