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  • However from the effects it produceth, that is from its waves and vibrations, light, heat, electricity appear and are made evident.

    Bahá’í World Faith

  • For Man produceth and Woman consumeth, wherefore she shall be called the consumer.

    Tony Hendra: Not The Bible -- The Ultimate and Eternal Parody

  • Which object worketh on the eyes, ears, and other parts of man's body, and by diversity of working produceth diversity of appearances.


  • As for acquired wit (I mean acquired by method and instruction), there is none but reason; which is grounded on the right use of speech, and produceth the sciences.


  • For not every fear justifies the action it produceth, but the fear only of corporeal hurt, which we call bodily fear, and from which a man cannot see how to be delivered but by the action.


  • In the like sense, the spirit of man, when it produceth unclean actions, is ordinarily called an unclean spirit; and so other spirits, though not always, yet as often as the virtue or vice, so styled, is extraordinary and eminent.


  • Neither in us that are pressed are they anything else but diverse motions (for motion produceth nothing but motion).


  • And as pressing, rubbing, or striking the eye makes us fancy a light, and pressing the ear produceth a din; so do the bodies also we see, or hear, produce the same by their strong, though unobserved action.


  • If the humour be cold, it is, saith [1071] Faventinus, a cause of dotage, and produceth milder symptoms: if hot, they are rash, raving mad, or inclining to it.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • This diversity of melancholy matter produceth diversity of effects.

    Anatomy of Melancholy


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