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  • adj. Of or pertaining to productivism.
  • n. A supporter of productivism.


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productive +‎ -ist


  • Even though Kandinsky survived once back in Russia, and helped advance the new radical cause to which art was put, he soon came to be displaced by a productivist program tough on individual imagination, and for which art as such was suspect.

    Kandinsky's Futurity

  • The term therefore refers to symbolic or cultural activities which do not contribute to capitalist production and accumulation and which potentially constitute a "radical negation" of productivist society.

    Jean Baudrillard

  • The anti-neoliberal speech of the Bolivarian Development Model can be a first step towards the implementation of a more fair model; nonetheless the rationality implicit in the plans and policies planned within the XXI century Eco-socialism in Venezuela attempt against it, since the productivist, instrumental and developmental logic has not change.

    Indymedia Ireland

  • The role of common lands in the post-productivist countryside.

    Featured Articles - Encyclopedia of Earth

  • While his speech might be seen as altogether positive, placed in its context it appears to be a way of regaining a legitimacy that has been damaged by the type of capitalist, productivist, national model he is installing in his country.

  • This was to contaminate the socialist movements of the second and third international, which fell prey to the same productivist errors.

  • It criticizes both capitalist "market ecology" and productivist socialism, which ignored the earth's equilibrium and limits.


  • Let's leave destructive, productivist agriculture behind and make progress toward agricultural ecology and sustainable family farming.

  • It combines a critique of both "market ecology," which does not challenge capitalism, and of "productivist socialism," which ignores the earth's natural limits. - News for the rest of us

  • Wall also argues multiple times, throughout the book, that Marx was, and by extension Marxists are, in favor of unfettered capitalist economic growth, writing that "capitalism in its search for profits is the force that promotes globalization but will mutate into communism" (109) and describing the Marxism promoted by "many, but not all, Marxists" as promoting "a productivist politics that celebrates the expansion of the economy" (122).

    Another Green World


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