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  • n. Plural form of promiscuity.


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  • But the collapse of marriage might be too easily blamed on modernity and its promiscuities, its glorification of sex and moral dissolution, and not enough on the failure of most people to have a clear idea of what marriage is about.

    The Ten Commandments

  • The task of philosophers focused on reductionism in biology will be to attend to these promiscuities of reasoning and seek to develop accounts of reduction that offer a more general perspective on biological knowledge and scientific inquiry.

    Reductionism in Biology

  • In this particular scene, Carrie (who I wrote would be played by Paula Abdul) and Jenny (who I wrote would be played by Christie Brinkley) are discussing their sexual promiscuities from the night before.


  • It was as if, with her effective little entresol and and her wide acquaintance, her activities, varieties, promiscuities, the duties and devotions that took up nine tenths of her time and of which he got, guardedly, but the side-wind — it was as if she had shrunk to a secondary element and had consented to the shrinkage with the perfection of tact.

    The Ambassadors

  • Only, this world, that seems such a heterogeneous helter-skelter of mournful promiscuities, is in fact the pattern that flows from the loom of an Eternal Weaver: a beautiful pattern, with its rhythms and recurrences; there is no haphazard in it; it is not mechanical, -- yet still flawless as the configuarations of a crystal or the petals of a perfect flower.

    The Crest-Wave of Evolution A Course of Lectures in History, Given to the Graduates' Class in the Raja-Yoga College, Point Loma, in the College-Year 1918-19

  • Imagine quitting that convent with its guaranteed fresh air, and its couches and sugar and so on, for the rough hazards and promiscuities of

    Your United States Impressions of a first visit

  • Since she had left Mme. Regina's she had spent her days in the streets, partly to escape from the uncongenial promiscuities of the boarding-house, and partly in the hope that physical fatigue would help her to sleep.

    House of Mirth

  • When, in the informal promiscuities which followed the prize distribution,

    The Old Wives' Tale

  • European authority, and the fast approaching hour when it is thrown open to all the banalities and promiscuities of modern travel.

    In Morocco

  • Thus they have been charged with the same indecent promiscuities of which the early

    Life of St. Francis of Assisi


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