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  • adv. In a propositional manner.

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  • In the manner of a proposition.


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propositional +‎ -ly


  • In short, someone who may appear to a more propositionally-based faith-group to be quitting the faith, may in fact be in the process of moving further into it, of following their pilgrimage, and learning to trust God even more.

    Doubt and Disbelief in the Pulpit

  • The simple idea is that there are domains of knowledge that are not represented propositionally or as a system of statements, but are rather somehow embodied in the knower's cognitive system in a non-propositional form.

    Tacit knowledge

  • This is at the heart of the disagreement: the diocese believes that culture contributes to the determination of doctrine, whereas ANiC believes doctrine has been revealed by God through the Incarnation and propositionally in the bible; it is not subject to the vagaries of shifting temporal conditions.

    Telling moments in the ANiC vs New Westminster trial « Anglican Samizdat

  • I mean mainly a mindset that rejects the idea (defined by “modernity”) that truth is ultimately best understood rationally and propositionally.

    Postmoderns & Muslims: the relationship factor

  • For the task here is that of formulating propositionally, and in as illuminating a way as possible, what items need be affirmed as intrinsically good in order to make sense out of our inclinations.

    The Natural Law Tradition in Ethics

  • As it is, the opposition currently consists of a statement that objects to ID propositionally, and is notable for its clear refusal to descend into any kind of personal attack on Gonzalez himself, or his motives, or his qualifications, or his future prospects at ISU.

    A Very Odd Statement

  • His fundamental interest here lies with the powerful charm, a kind of conceptual magnetism, of reductive explanations that promise a brief, compact, and propositionally-encapsulated account of what some much larger field of thought or action “really” is.

    Wittgenstein's Aesthetics

  • In other words, they arise pre-propositionally or locally.

    Defaults in Semantics and Pragmatics

  • The Russellian propositions that the quoted sentences in (20) and (22) express, on the other hand, are propositionally inconsistent.

    Propositional Attitude Reports

  • JD: If p is doxastically justified for S. and p entails q, then q is doxastically justified for S. JP: If p is propositionally justified for S. and p entails q, then q is propositionally justified for S.

    The Epistemic Closure Principle


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