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  • noun A genus of leguminous trees and shrubs of the suborder Mimoseæ and tribe Adenanthereæ, characterized by the cylindrical spikes, and by the pod, which is nearly cylindrical, straight or curved or twisted, coriaceous or hard and spongy, indehiscent, and commonly filled with a pulpy or fleshy substance between the seeds.
  • noun In zoology: A genus of obtusilingual solitary bees of the family Andrenidæ.
  • noun A section or subgenus of Trochatella, a genus of Helicinidæ.

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  • noun genus of tropical or subtropical branching shrubs or trees: mesquite


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  • Shrubs and trees of the genus prosopis are found throughout arid and semiarid areas of the tropics.

    Chapter 8

  • Salinity tolerance of the tree legumes mesquite (prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana, P. velutina and P. articulata), algarrobo (P. chilensis), kiawe (P. pallida) and tamarugo (P. tamarugo) grown in sand culture on nitrogen-free media.

    Chapter 8

  • Effects of irrigation on biomass production of 32 prosopis (mesquite) accessions.

    Chapter 8

  • I think there were four species of wild bee at these early flowers, including the great bombus and the small prosopis with orange-yellow head.

    Field and Hedgerow Being the Last Essays of Richard Jefferies

  • Peering cautiously through the leaves of the prosopis, we had a full view of the open ground.

    The Scalp Hunters

  • Around grew _acacias, mimosas, gleditschias, robinias, algarobias_ -- all the thorny legumes of the world; above towered the splendid _fouquiera_ with spinous stem; there nourished the "tornillo" (_prosopis glandulosa_), with its twisted beans; there the "junco" (_koeblerinia_), whose very leaves are thorns.

    The War Trail The Hunt of the Wild Horse

  • But he did not bother only the policy makers, some of the people in the villages whose cycles were punctured by the thorns of prosopis (ganda bawal) also complained.

    Daily News & Analysis

  • - treatment with boiling water (acacia scorpiodes, parkinsonia, prosopis, etc.);

    1.1. Forests


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