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  • n. Plural form of protectorate.


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  • The regional administration was loosely associated with the central government through a sort of primitive ministry of the interior, and similarly the Chinese representatives in the protectorates, that is to say the foreign states which had submitted to Chinese protective overlordship, were loosely united with a sort of foreign ministry in the central government.

    A History of China

  • The previous arrangement for conservatives who dissented from what they saw as the liberal leadership of the Episcopal Church had been to join one of the five "protectorates" run by the Provinces of the Southern Cone, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, or Rwanda.

    Anglican Mainstream

  • Webb, quite rightly, asked why the US should do that, and why that's being done in what he called other "protectorates" around the world. News

  • Predating and quite apart from the necessary costs and measures involved in countering the threat al-Qaeda poses, American strategy has been based on the perceived imperative to impose military protectorates over Europe and East Asia.


  • In exchange for this uneasy alliance, the United States had agreed to help establish decolonized protectorates, or “trusteeships,” after the Japanese defeat, with the hope that these would eventually evolve into independent democratic nations.

    A Covert Affair

  • I wonder how many of the rabid right in Israel actually come from the former French territories and protectorates — certainly those I know who settled in France seemed to be mostly somewhere to the right of LePen.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Let Turkey Have Gaza

  • If we were landarians or protectorates they would have flown out to get you.

    A Good Place for Graves « A Fly in Amber

  • “The west wanted Yugoslavia destroyed, with one militarily strong, independent state replaced by several weak and divided Nato/IMF/EU protectorates.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Karadzic’s Defense

  • But the former colonies and protectorates of the region are now sovereign states, and they say that Egypt and Sudan are treating them like colonies.

    Ethiopia Claims High Ground In Right-To-Nile Debate

  • Apart from the second proposal, which I didn't understand, the rest all seems sensible to me; there is more to be said on post-conflict protectorates, of which Bosnia, which I know best, developed in its own very peculiar way and is now finding it difficult to wind down, but has at least played an important role in preventing a further outbreak of war.

    June Books 2) Option Lock, by Justin Richards


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