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  • n. Any of many glycoproteins that have heteropolysaccharide side chains


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  • Should the GA wish to ensure such adherence, I would recommend proteoglycan therapy for the participants.


  • During labour the uterus can be divided into two regions, the upper, muscular region and the lower region which generally acts to provide a passive fibromuscular birth canal. cervix consists largely of fibrous collagen in a proteoglycan matrix.

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  • The GPC5 gene encodes glypican 5, one of the six members of the heparan sulfate proteoglycan (HSPG) family.

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  • Campos-Xavier AB, Martinet D, Bateman J, Belluoccio D, Rowley L, et al. (2009) Mutations in the heparan-sulfate proteoglycan glypican 6 (GPC6) impair endochondral ossification and cause recessive omodysplasia.

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  • It is based on increased proteoglycan loss as well as attachment and invasion of inflammatory tissue into the cartilage, which leads to its structural disintegration.

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  • This enhances proteoglycan synthesis, the molecule responsible for keeping articular joint cartilage lubricated.

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  • Emmetsberger J, Bukhari N, Zhang Y, Levine JM, et al. (2008) tPA-mediated generation of plasmin is catalyzed by the proteoglycan NG2.

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  • Wu YP, Siao CJ, Lu W, Sung TC, Frohman MA, et al. (2000) The tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)/plasmin extracellular proteolytic system regulates seizure-induced hippocampal mossy fiber outgrowth through a proteoglycan substrate.

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  • Chatterjee N, Trotter J (2005) NG2-expressing cells in the nervous system: role of the proteoglycan in migration and glial-neuron interaction.

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  • Interleukin-1 in particular contributes to disc degeneration by inducing enzymes that destroy proteoglycan and is involved in the mediation of pain.

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