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  • n. A self-organized, endogenously ordered, spherical collection of polypeptides proposed as a stepping-stone to the origin of life


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  • Our observations bring us closer to the laboratory synthesis of a complete protocell consisting of a self-replicating genome and a self-replicating membrane compartment.

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  • Here we describe a simple and efficient pathway for model protocell membrane growth and division.

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  • Small unilamellar fatty acid vesicles grow when fed with fatty acid micelles and can be forced to divide by extrusion, but this artificial division process results in significant loss of protocell contents during each division cycle.

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  • In an environment of gentle shear, protocell growth and division are thus coupled processes.

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  • What are rigorous definitions of: life protocell mechanism biological function

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  • Or maybe Darwins faith in the future discovery of transitionals or Jack Szostacs faith in vesicles formed by fatty acids as the the cellular catalyst for the hypothetical protocell.

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  • Exploring Lifes Origins has a timeline of lifes evolution with sliders, and pages on understanding the RNA world and building protocells, with a nice animation of protocell replication.

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  • Luigi Luisi, published a somewhat adventurous manifesto in Nature in 2001, declaring that the way to make a synthetic cell was to get a protocell and a genetic molecule to grow and divide in parallel, with the molecules being encapsulated in the cell.


  • If a protocell is made to encapsulate a short piece of DNA and is then fed with nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, the nucleotides will spontaneously enter the cell and link into another DNA molecule.

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  • At a symposium on evolution at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island last month, Dr. Szostak said he was “optimistic about getting a chemical replication system going” inside a protocell.

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