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  • n. Botany The primary meristem that gives rise to epidermis. Also called dermatogen.

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  • n. The primary meristem from which the epidermis develops.


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  • Vertical bars in (L and M) indicate enlarged region shown in (P and Q). pd, protoderm; pc, procambium; col, columella initials; QC, quiescent center; v, vascular tissue; ep, epidermis; c, cortex; en, endodermis.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Note the non-steriotipic divisions of the protoderm in the cotyledons (arrowheads).

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Projection of multiple confocal sections shows that the PIN1 polarity in provascular tissue and protoderm in heart-stage icr1 embryos is altered.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Arrowheads in (B, D, F, H, J, and L) indicate the orientation of GFP-PIN1 localization, basal in procambial cells, and apical in protoderm.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Arrowheads in (B) indicate abnormal divisions in suspensor and columella initials; arrowhead in (C and D) marks abnormal division in protoderm.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Arrowheads in (G-I) mark abnormal divisions in protoderm.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles

  • Moreover, abnormal division planes were observed in the protoderm at the position of future cotyledons (icr1 mutation also resulted in reduced developmental synchronization of embryos within single siliques.

    PLoS Biology: New Articles


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