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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of protonate.


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  • A protonated form, the predominant state, has an excitation maximum at 395 nanometers, and a less prevalent, unprotonated form that absorbs at approximately 475 nanometers.

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  • However, the triple N-N bond makes N2 almost inert, and only a few microorganisms have the capability to utilize (fix) N2, converting it to the more easily utilizable combined nitrogen forms – initially ammonia (NH3), or its protonated species, ammonium (NH4+) that is terminally oxidized to nitrate (NO3 -) by nitrifying bacteria.

    Marine nitrogen cycle

  • The methyl cation so obtained then attacks a new molecule of methane and protonated ethane is formed.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1994

  • Olah has recently shown that our most common electrophiles such as the acyl cation and the nitronium ion are protonated in superacidic media into doubly charged superelectrophiles.

    Press Release: The 1994 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Olah found that for instance protonated isobutane decomposes to the t-butyl cation and molecular hydrogen.

    Press Release: The 1994 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Aside from research on reactive scatterings, his research group has made major contributions in the elucidation of various photochemical processes as well as in the determination of the structure of various protonated molecular clusters by obtaining infrared spectra.

    Yuan T. Lee - Biography

  • All basic and acidic residues were considered protonated and deprotonated, respectively.

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  • Histidines oriented toward the outer part of the enzyme were considered as protonated after a prediction run made by MolProbity

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  • Extracts from lysed platelets were separated by HPLC utilising UV detection (λ: 210 nm) over a period of 20 min, before identification of the protonated masses of compounds using mass spectrometry.

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  • "You can track how the proton is transported from the central proton binding site inside the protein via an amino acid and then via a protonated water cluster to the membrane surface", says Prof. Gerwert. - latest science and technology news stories


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