from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. That member of a series of oxids which contains a single oxygen atom combined with a single bivalent atom or with two univalent atoms: applied only to oxids which are not strongly basic or acid.


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  • The protoxid of tin (SnO) is black, and can be obtained from chlorid of tin, or by _long_ exposure of tin to the atmosphere.

    Tin Foil and Its Combinations for Filling Teeth

  • "In the mouth, a suboxid is more likely to be formed than a protoxid, but both are black; sulfur and oxygen are capable of acting on tin under favorable circumstances, such as warmth, moisture, full contact, condensation of elements, and their nascent conditions; the first three are always present in the mouth.

    Tin Foil and Its Combinations for Filling Teeth


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