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  • adj. Having a provenance.


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  • By then a work written in and for a specific time, elbowing out previous versions on which it substantially relied, with many wonderful coinages as well as some pedestrian and repetitive formulations, had turned into something universal and apparently divinely provenanced, a book of which the proverbial American Baptist could insist: "If it's good enough for St Paul, it's good enough for me."

    The King James Bible reconsidered | David Edgar

  • “Since many Roman amphorae are well-dated and well-provenanced, they represent an untapped resource for the understanding of Indian Ocean contact.”

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • It's the only Jesus, son of Joseph, ever found, out of thousands of ossuaries, in a provenanced archaeological context.

    CNN Transcript Feb 28, 2007

  • They are provenanced, but they are really unable to go in and reconstruct the tomb very well, except with the use of the robotic cameras and going in and -- and looking at it after the fact.

    CNN Transcript Feb 28, 2007

  • Amongst other things, the forged export licence is enough to make it hard, if not impossible, for any mainstream public museum to put on display, let alone buy, the treasure all museums now insist that their purchases are properly provenanced.

    A glimpse of the Sevso Treasure

  • "Thanks to this positive recent clarification of the market, everyone is searching for the well-provenanced, works," says Hicham Aboutaam, antiquities expert and co-founder of Phoenix Ancient Art, a leading dealer with galleries in New York and Geneva.

    Ancient History For Sale

  • A securely provenanced and dated collection, it will help date Chinese artifacts of the same period found elsewhere.

    Red Sea Wreck

  • With north and east exposures, the proudly provenanced apartment is "graced with lovely prewar moldings and exceptional light."

    All Stories | The New York Observer

  • There may be good reasons for maintaining the 15-year-old registry, however faulty and unwieldy it's been in the application, but as legislated bulwark to safeguard the lives of vulnerable women is not one of them, any more than accidental discharge can be prevented by a duly logged and properly provenanced firearm. - Home Page

  • A number of their recommendations are directed to museums, which, they say, should: not acquire provenanced items whose accompanying documentation fails to comply with the export regulations of their country of origin, unless there is reliable documentation to show that they were exported from their country of origin before 1970. not acquire unprovenanced items because of the strong risk that they have been looted. apply the same strict rules to gifts and bequests and loans as they do to purchases. decline to offer expertise on, or otherwise assist the current possessor of, unprovenanced items because of the risk that they may have been looted. inform the appropriate authorities if they have reason to suspect an item has been illicitly obtained. seize opportunities to raise public awareness of the scale and destructive impact of the illicit trade.

    Stealing History


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