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  • n. a militant organization of Irish nationalists who used terrorism and guerilla warfare in an effort to drive British forces from Northern Ireland and achieve a united independent Ireland


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  • As the provos always start with a, cupla focal, I am far from a provo.

    The Irish Language- is there a Conservative & Unionist Policy?

  • Maybe the provos mates in the FARC have decided to make a shot at the language teaching market.

    Ruane speaks in double-forked tongues

  • Well, despite what the provos and other narrow-minded fascists may have argued, being "Irish" has always been "absolutely compatible" with also being British.

    The Republic and the Commonwealth (continued)

  • This is 1980's Ireland at the height of the troubles, the provos, the bombs and the prison hunger strikes and all this weaves in with the story of Mel, the bog child's life.

    Bog Child

  • Probably not any more since the provos seem to be winding down operations to concentrate on their main business of drug dealing and fuel smuggling.


  • Now that the loyalists and provos have stopped firebombing each other they've ganged up on the gyppos.

    The audacity of distraction

  • In all the time I spent in England, I never heard anyone say this even once; people simply no longer care one way or the other now that the provos have given up blowing up their towns and murdering their children ... but this is supposed to be a statistical-based deconstruction, so, here we go.

    The Monday Myth Deconstruction

  • And it must be remembered that the provos never got seven TDs elected, only five.

    Another nail in the coffin

  • Remember how the provos attacked us for contesting elections in the north and harrassed election centres and tried to intimidate voters.

    Another nail in the coffin

  • The provos have downed tools, and that almost certainly in a more complete way than the murderers of the Protestant Paramilitaries, some of whom are spend their time menacing and monstering on estates in the NW of England to save them carving each other up in Belfast.

    David Davis Gets a Shock


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