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  • adj. Of or pertaining to psephology.


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  • The election again - psephological/geographical anorakery

    Get a grip!

  • Cut out from the trading, Labour filibustered the legislation, even though its own manifesto had promised a plebiscite on AV.Now, I happen to be one of those obsessed with the rules, and as such I see AV as worthwhile because it resolves the psephological tussle between heart and head.

    AV: the low politics of electoral reform | Tom Clark

  • But it's one of many polls showing a close race, a Democratic incumbent in danger in a place where just about nobody in the political psephological inside community had expected to see.

    Rust Belt Resurgence

  • A psephological interlude - Splintered Sunrise ha-tip to Mick Fealty: why STV is too good

    Linkspam for 18-6-2009

  • In this pell-mell gallop to the finish, Cameron himself projects a weird normality? is it possible that he likes campaigning?? and says repeatedly, as if in the grip of psephological superstition, that he does not "take anything for granted".

    Cameron's smooth approach to transition

  • Today he publishes a psephological analysis which he says supports his belief that those who deserted the party for the Tories at the last election were not high-earning voters but the less well-off; Labour's erstwhile "core" voters have now become "swing" voters.

    Ed Miliband: Loss of less-affluent voters cost Labour the election

  • Huhne opened with an entertaining blast at political correspondents, who, he said, were only surprised by the success of the Lib Dems because they were too innumerate to understand the psephological trends that have seen the third party vote steadily increasing over the last 40 years.

    Liberal Democrat conference live - Monday 20 September

  • Is it Mr Boothroyd's "psephological impossibility" one again?

    Go Straight To City Unslicker ( Do not pass Go)

  • Actually the most interesting bit of psephological anorakery about this year's election so far is Crooked Timber's piece on the time zone biases of the candidates.

    Get a grip!

  • How this plays out in terms of seats won and lost is outwith my psephological capacity.

    Archive 2007-05-01


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