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  • adj. Of, relating to, or being random numbers generated by a definite, nonrandom computational process.

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  • adj. Of a sequence of numbers, such that it has all the properties of a random sequence following some probability distribution (except true randomness), but is actually generated using a deterministic algorithm.


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pseudo- +‎ random


  • Provided he uses a random key only once and it is a truly random sequence generated physically – i. e, NOT the pseudorandom strings created by computers.

    Matthew Yglesias » Podesta: Let Obama Keep His Blackberry

  • It does not matter that the sequence is only pseudorandom and that it was generated by a simple program.

    Aiguy's Computer

  • About mind, any of its attributes, or whether there is a material difference between "random" nature and "pseudorandom design."

    Aiguy's Computer

  • Based on a piano roll, to generate 88 frequencies, for a carrier to bounce between in a pseudorandom sequence, the patent she co-wrote is a precursor to those ubiquitous Qualcomm chips.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • The quantum randomizer will be used or the primary testing and the pseudorandom generator for the control testing.

    A Voice from the Middle Ground

  • If, for example, the crossover point for the quantum randomizer is 100ms and the crossover point for the pseudorandom generator is 400ms, this would suggest conscious decisions are directly influenced by quantum effects.

    A Voice from the Middle Ground

  • Which light is flashed is based on either a quantum effect (quantum randomizer) or an algorithmic calculation (pseudorandom generator).

    A Voice from the Middle Ground

  • Imaging playing a dice game on an algorithmic computer that uses a pseudorandom number generator to decide which numbers come up.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • There were all sorts of other pseudorandom generators that people had engineered by various Mathematica methods and other means.

    Wolfram Blog : Five Years of A New Kind of Science

  • Frequency-hopping spread spectrum FHSS is a method of transmitting radio signals by rapidly switching a carrier among many frequency channels, using a pseudorandom sequence known to both transmitter and receiver.

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