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  • n. An enlarged portion of tissue that resembles a tumor

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  • n. A circumscribed swelling of uncertain character and duration; a phantom tumor.


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pseudo- +‎ tumor


  • Doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital are at the forefront of treating a disorder that causes headaches called pseudotumor cerebri.


  • Dr. Fairweather wanted to try other methods of treatment first, and if we ran out of options, we could do the risky, painful spinal tap later to rule out pseudotumor cerebri.

    Chocolate & Vicodin

  • If you had a secondary headache, it was a symptom of something else, like pseudotumor cerebri.

    Chocolate & Vicodin

  • In less time than it had taken me to google my way into a paranoid fugue state, he explained all the reasons why I likely did not have pseudotumor cerebri, such as the fact that an eye exam had shown the pressure in my eyes was normal and that one of the recommended drug treatments for pseudotumor cerebri was

    Chocolate & Vicodin

  • I could write “pseudotumor cerebri” on its birth certificate, take some pills, and immediately copy its name onto a companion death certificate.

    Chocolate & Vicodin

  • To monitor and relieve cerebrospinal fluid pressure for patients with pseudotumor

    Lumbar Puncture

  • Increased intracranial venous pressure can lead to either pseudotumor cerebri or hydrocephalus.

    FDA HID RESEARCH THAT DAMNED ASPARTAME: Fatal studies should have blocked NutraSweet approval

  • We rushed him to the hospital to discover he had pseudotumor cerebri, a condition in which the body produces too much spinal fluid.

    Babes with a Beatitude

  • Besides downplaying progestin's established side effects, they say, Wyeth failed at first to warn of conditions like "pseudotumor cerebri," an unexplained rise in intracranial pressure that some users have experienced.

    The Norplant Backlash

  • The spike in children with the condition led Roach and his colleagues to establish what's believed to be the nation's first pseudotumor cerebri clinic geared toward children.

    Medlogs - Recent stories


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