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  • n. Plural form of pseud.


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  • For one editor, the web is for losers, "Citizens' Band radio for pseuds and geeks"; and for Tamara Sim, one of the novel's two leading ladies, it's as likely to dominate the future as unisex silver jumpsuits and time travel.

    The Spoiler by Annalena McAfee – review

  • Often derided by the pp's pretentious pseuds here for being too easy, but actually that's what a crossword editor wants for Monday's xword.

    Cryptic crossword No 25,237

  • On the other hand, I know male writers who are going gender-neutral or picking up female pseuds to crack the paranormal romance market, because that's where the money is.

    INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Bear

  • Crazy Icelandic pseuds with their made-up langauge, or dedicated purveyors of musical beauty?

    Readers' Reviews

  • Some comments arrive from pseuds 'corner: "At 16, [Jim was] already reading Nietzsche, Rimbaud and William Blake."

    Does He Still Light Your Fire?

  • Spot on as usual with the debunking of the pseuds and douches , unfortunately I quite enjoyed that instalment of Pedaling ,although i would have prefered if it had been Meredith instead of the Saffron King.

    Blizzard of Odd: Pedaling to the Bitter End

  • And many people have conservative families who'd give them grief, or might even try to have children taken away, if they were out about what they wrote, therefore they use highly-guarded pseuds.

    Pseudonyms: A Chat with “Benjamin Tate”

  • If you do, talk to Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Katherine Rusch too; they both write under various pseuds in multiple genres, and I know Dean at least has a few things to say on the subject.

    Pseudonyms: A Chat with “Benjamin Tate”

  • One guy was writing an SF series for a while under his Joe Writer name, then had to change pseuds to Bob Author, but he wanted to keep writing his old series.

    Pseudonyms: A Chat with “Benjamin Tate”

  • I know other writers of romance and/or porn -- either gay or het -- who use pseuds because either they or their spouses are teachers, doctors/nurses, clergy, etc., and might get fired.

    Pseudonyms: A Chat with “Benjamin Tate”


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