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  • n. A graphic representation or chart of the personality traits of an individual or group.

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  • n. A photographic image having a supposed supernatural or spiritual origin
  • n. psychobiography

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An instrument or machine used in psychography. Several kinds are in use.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From psycho- + -graph.


  • For both of these reasons, a person can therefore have facets of his or her consciousness at many different levels of morals, worldviews, defenses, pathologies, needs, and so forth which can be mapped on an integral psychograph.

    Subpersonalities -- An Integral Theoretical Model

  • The fact that the suspects fought, under those circumstances, seems to prove they were as fanatical as your psychograph says you are.

    A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

  • "Steve," she began, "I was in charge of the psychograph tests taken of all the workers at the projectile operation after the first mishap --"

    Sabotage in Space

  • "Why were you detained at the psychograph tests this morning?" demanded

    Sabotage in Space

  • Solar Council Administration Center, interviewing applicants who had passed their psychograph personality tests.

    The Space Pioneers

  • But my point is this: Since a cadet unit is assembled only after careful study of their individual psychograph personality charts and is passed and failed as a unit, even though a boy like Cadet Astro might make a failing grade, his unit mates, Cadets Manning and Corbett, can pull him through by making higher passing marks.

    The Space Pioneers

  • Price, and after questioning him under truth serum, Solar Guard security officers found the man's mind to be so filled with criminal plots and counter-plots, it would take several weeks for the psychograph analyst to learn the name of the man he claimed would know the whereabouts of

    On the Trail of the Space Pirates

  • He narrates how the inquirer subjected a sealed packet of plates to the Crewe circle without exposure, endeavoring to get a psychograph.

    The Vital Message

  • I have been wondering whether he could profitably ask of me some record of my experiences in the official and scientific company with which I was honored that day at the Campidoglio; but I should have to offer him again a sort of composite psychograph of objects printed one upon another and hardly separable in their succession.

    Roman Holidays, and Others

  • But, if each of these bare facts could be parted from the others and intelligently presented, what would it avail with the reader who has never seen the originals of my psychograph?

    Roman Holidays, and Others


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