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  • adv. Alternative spelling of publicly.

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  • adv. in a manner accessible to or observable by the public; openly


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From public +‎ -ally.


  • What that creep put them through publically is criminal, and I hope he pays for it dearly in the settlement, although money cannot mend broken hearts.

    Jenny Sanford files for divorce

  • He can never be trusted again publically or in private.

    Sanford: 'Just trying to survive today'

  • Airing what should be private family comments publically is only going to hurt him, and while I'm sure he's a nice human being, his public apperances clearly show that he has very limited communication skills and will need all the friends he can find.

    Johnston: Palin wanted to take the money, 'forget everything else'

  • The gods pathology is seeen in publically demonizing biofuels when the use of switchgrass would produce a more productive energy source than corn-based biofuels.

    Only The English are British

  • Santorum being busted publically is like catching the supermodel with spinach in her teeth, the traffic court judge with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, or finding a cell phone in the urinal.

    Think Progress » Defense Department Disavows Santorum’s WMD Claims

  • But in publically posted stories in fora with bulletin board commenting (lj, most of the fic sites), I treat the comments field, to a certain extent, as a place for public reviews.

    June 13th, 2005

  • It may be time for small-minded moderators to explain publically the reasons for their arbitrary activities.

    WalMart, SchmalMart

  • Police are now working to locate and notify his family members and are therefore unable to release his name publically at this stage.

    New Zealand Police

  • He has used government funds to travel at last twenty times to Africa on missions that he himself has referred to publically as "Jesus things."

    Victor Stenger: Global Warming and Religion

  • [Also, if you're touchy about having your name publically announced on lists like this - some people are - lemme know, and I'll de-post it.]

    Rob and Ximena's wedding


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