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  • adv. mischievously, over playfully

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  • adv. in an appealing but bold manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From puckish + -ly


  • When she finished describing the poisonous concoction, she grinned and added puckishly, “Why not revive it for MO?”

    A Covert Affair

  • Just for laughs: The puckishly outspoken late-night host Craig Ferguson takes to the stand-up stage for the Comedy Central special Does This Need To Be Said?

    Matt's Guide to Weekend TV: Walking Dead, Case Histories and More!

  • Wags asked puckishly: "She was Kane, but was he Able?"

    When Cotton Wasn't King

  • He had spoken of it, puckishly, on many occasions.


  • "We are a poor developing nation," Dr. Reddy said puckishly.

    Ask Dr. Reddy

  • Good-looking, great job, fine education, puckishly amusing and even clever when he put his mind to it, reasonably fit and trim for an office jockey, Noah had all the bona fide credentials for a killer eHarmony profile.

    The Overton Window

  • They also embraced the puckishly sexist slogan coined by Nike, “Chicks Dig the Long Ball.”

    Bad Sports

  • But even people who are open-minded about IQ often puckishly say "So what?"

    EconLog: Labor Market Archives

  • Still, Jodi Kimura is aces as Mary, asserting herself puckishly and mangling English with the shameless disregard of a woman interested only in closing a sale.

    Smooth sailing

  • The most unlikely tour-de-force, and also possibly the best story in the collection, is a feat few horror authors could even attempt far less pull off: an actual, complete Shakespearean play, the Stoker nominee "A Plague On Both Your Houses," which puckishly applies the approximate plot of Romeo and Juliet to a star-crossed romance between a living boy and zombie girl.

    In Which I Am "One of Dark Fiction's Most Versatile Authors"


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