from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a fat, round, smooth face; having a face suggestive of a pudding.


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  • That pudding-faced boy who came here after that money I found in the street.


  • The nurse behind the desk was a stranger to Celia, a tight-lipped, pudding-faced biddy with all the tact and charm of a taxation-department auditor.

    A Secret Vengeance

  • She was a pudding-faced woman whom they suspected of alcoholism or dementia, or both, and who had a head of hair that looked as though she cut it herself while blindfolded.

    Surrender, Dorothy

  • And the way so many artists painted them, the faces are all alike; pudding-faced and pale, most of them, and not a lot more you can say about them.

    Dragonfly in Amber

  • I said nothing, for at that moment a pudding-faced maid, who certainly did not look as though she had sufficient intelligence to drop an urn or anything else on the right unwanted guest, came in to say that if there was a Mr Campion in the house he was wanted on the telephone.

    The Case of the Late Pig

  • As I lay with my hand where I could feel the girl's healthy breathing, I wondered would she too dismiss my chosen knight as pudding-faced and red-headed, or would she see him with my eyes!

    Some Everyday Folk and Dawn

  • Listen to the words of Sapper Mackintosh -- the pudding-faced marvel.

    No Man's Land

  • But then a pudding-faced man pushed a note towards Jacob, and Jacob, leaning back in his chair, began an uneasy murmured conversation, and they went off together (Julia Hedge watched them), and laughed aloud

    Jacob's Room

  • "And don't she love me, you pudding-faced fool!" cried Chawner.

    The Torch and Other Tales

  • Erebus measured the distance with the eye of an expert, just as there came into the farther end of the hall that large, flabby, pudding-faced young Pomeranian Briton, Mr. D'Arcy Rosenheimer.

    The Terrible Twins


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