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  • A simplified spelling of puff.


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  • The LaRousse dictionary says a puf is a puffe or pouffe.

    Specifics vs. description

  • I was told that puf is not a word in the Spanish language.

    Specifics vs. description

  • He never opened his mouth an 'he acted jes' lak a puf'fec 'gentleman an' a dutiful dotin 'husband -- (Bud wiped away a tear) -- until the time come for the fool spell to hit' im, an 'all to once you never seed sech a fool spell hit a man befo'.

    The Bishop of Cottontown A Story of the Southern Cotton Mills

  • He was loud and garrulous, puf fi ng on his cigar, peeling off multiple hundreds from a huge wad on every race.


  • “Yes, I do,” said Fiona, puf fi ng on a cigarette which Hamish was pleased to note was ordinary tobacco.

    Death of a Scriptwriter

  • Jimmy Anderson was alone, puf fi ng at a cigarette, sitting with his feet up on his desk.

    Death of a Dentist

  • 'Pologize for coming s' late; no time change my clothes; disgraceful -- puf-puf-perfectly disgraceful, that's whasmasser.

    Otherwise Phyllis

  • Eodem modo fait payn puff. but make it more tendre þe past. and loke þe past be rounde of þe payn puf as a coffyn & a pye.

    The Forme of Cury A Roll of Ancient English Cookery Compiled, about A.D. 1390

  • I wish I had a handle like "Canada Goose Whistler" then i would be able to write blogs after beeing stoned for 4 days while hitting on geese in whistler .. puf puf brother smoke another one, you have absolutly no clue about anything other than how to roll one.

    CTV News RSS Feed

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    Refinance 2nd Mortgage


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