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  • n. A scarf of cotton or silk wound round the hat or helmet like a turban to protect the head from the sun.


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  • While the pugree is the head-wear of the rural elite, commoners mostly wear the pug.


  • Helmets were white with blue pugarees or puggaree, pugree or pagri depending on how you spell it.

    Royal Naval Brigade: Uniforms: Officers

  • Franks; and though the natives of the more distant regions of the East have not yet appeared among us in such number, yet the lamb-skin cap of the Persian, the _pugree_, or small Indian turban, and even the queer head-dress of the Parsee, is far from being a stranger in our assemblies.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXXVI. October, 1843. Vol. LIV.

  • The other anna (in case that Brown should prove adamant) was twisted in the folds of his pugree, but he was prepared to perjure himself a dozen times, and take the names of all his female ancestors in vain, before he produced it.

    Told in the East

  • His rose-pink pugree, with the egret and the diamond brooch to hold the egret in its place - his jeweled sabre - his swaggering, almost ruffianly air - were no more meant to escape attention than his charger that clattered and kicked among the crowd, or his following, who cleared a way for him with the butt ends of their lances.

    Rung Ho

  • WITH his muscles strained and twisted (for his Rangar capturers had dragged him none too gently) and with his jewelled pugree all awry,

    Rung Ho

  • Each rest-house where he spent a night was but another brooding-place of discontent and regret, each little petty detail connected with the command of the motley party (mainly time-expired men, homeward bound), was drudgery; each Hindoo pugree that he met was but a beastly contrast, or so it seemed to him, to the turbans of the troop that but a week ago had thundered at his back.

    Rung Ho

  • There came a clatter of scurrying hoofs behind, and from a whirl of dust, topped by a rose-pink pugree, a steel blade swooped down on her and him.

    Rung Ho

  • I've got disguises ready for you - a pugree for you, Mr. McClean, and a purdah for your daughter - you'll travel as a Hindoo merchant and his wife.

    Rung Ho

  • Jaimihr, in a rose-pink pugree still, but not at all the swaggering cavalier who pranced, high-booted, through the streets - a down-at-heel prince, looking slovenly and heavy-eyed from too much opium - sat in a long chair under the cloister which faced the barred stone door.

    Rung Ho


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