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  • n. Small antelope found in Central Africa (Kobus vardonii)

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  • n. an African antelope closely related to the waterbuck


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  • So in 1987, in Zambia, I had a PH named Abie DuPloy, and we went through this drill, and presently came on a herd of puku, which is a stocky, tough antelope of about 400 pounds.

    Packing a Wallop: More on the Myth of Knockdown Power

  • Do you wish to pound a puku (which is a tough African antelope about the size of a small elk)?

    Nothing Works Better than a .338

  • There are also sidestriped jackal Canis adustus, puku Kobus vardoni, klipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus, and red and blue duikers Cephalophus natalensis and C. monticola.

    Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

  • Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus), puku (Kobus vardoni), southern reedbuck (Redunca arundinum), and sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekei) are also common inhabitants of the floodplains, although these species tend to prefer the reed beds or more wooded vegetation on the margins of the floodplains.

    Zambezian flooded grasslands

  • Moreover, the largest remaining population of puku (Kobus vardoni) is found in the Kilombero Valley and more than 20,000 buffalo (Synerus caffer) occur in the Moyowosi delta of northwestern Tanzania.

    Zambezian flooded grasslands

  • I just happened upon an old SB phase 1 round up page of yours via someone else's link, was thinking you weren't really doing them anymore but also thought "I'll see what's new in the kitchen" and lo and behold, a round up! we're not actually doing south beach over at the puku... hmm, maybe we should think about it? definitely lots of inspiration here!

    South Beach Diet Phase One Recipes Round-up: March 2008

  • I agree with Zoe/puku #16 that I am way too involved in this process from far away!

    project wedding cake: swiss buttercream | smitten kitchen

  • They passed enormous herds of impala and hartebeest and then later a herd of puku grazing with zebra while a lone puku buck stood off to the side, head up, alert, on guard to protect the others.

    Hollywood Husband Contract Wife

  • In one part will be found the large cob, almost the size of a waterbuck, which is called Mrs. Gray's cob, in honor of the wife of one of the former keepers in the London zoo; in another part is the species known as Vaughan's cob, and in still other parts are the dusky cob, the puku cob, the lechwi cob, the black lechwi, the Uganda cob and Buffon's cob.

    In Africa Hunting Adventures in the Big Game Country

  • Sisulu, who wrote the acclaimed children's book ‘The Gogo Went to Nile†™ about a great grandmother voting in the first democratic election in South Africa, is also trying to promote African children and ethnic oral literature through a new website, puku.

    The Times of India


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