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  • n. A double-ended fire-fighting tool, usually long-handled, and having an ax-blade on one side and a mattock-blade on the other.


Named from Edward C Pulaski (1866-1931), the American ranger who designed it. (Wiktionary)


  • Young men who simply go where told with chain saw and pulaski, and work as hard as they can?

    Think Progress » Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) opens fire on firefighters

  • Time had come to plan for the day she'd no longer want to sleep on the ground, swing a pulaski or argue with violent unsavory types.

    Excerpt: Deep South by Nevada Barr

  • The crew boss brought the handle of the pulaski he carried down hard across the bones of Stephen's wrists.


  • Howard Black Elk, a pulaski held loosely in his downhill hand, walked down the line toward them.


  • Jennifer's left palm had a nasty cut where she said she'd fallen on the blade of her pulaski.


  • Anna dropped the medical bag and used Nims's pulaski like an ice axe, clawing up the hill.


  • Anna kept climbing, pounding each step with her pulaski as John had told her.


  • But man, hacking firelines with Mcleod and dozer, shovel and pulaski, took some assimilating.


  • "Tractability is considered an attractive quality in a woman," Lindstrom said as she sank her pulaski into the bank and pulled herself out of the wash.


  • After the siren sounds, a crew has five minutes to get food for a day and pick up an initial attack kit holding the essentials to fight a forest fire: a pump, coiled hose, shovels, pulaski, chainsaw and toolkit.

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