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  • n. The lining worn with a slashed garment and drawn partly through the slash, so as to project loosely.


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  • Before I begin my personal Olympic experience wrap-up, I thought I should comment on the latest Olympic news: The pulling-out of reigning gold medalist Liu Xiang from his first heat of the 110m hurdles with a tender hamstring.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • No wonder a retreating Israeli soldier grumbled after pulling-out in August 2006, that Lebanon was a never-ending story.


  • These executions and the daily floggings and chopping-off of hands or feet, or the pulling-out of tongues with red-hot tongs were King Arkoun's principal diversions when he was not playing dom, or planning a raid on one of the other neighbouring king of kings.

    River God

  • So in the actual pulling-out there is the idlest exaggeration and surplusage; the first bar splits one of Lancelot's fingers to the sinews and cuts off the top joint of the next.

    A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1 From the Beginning to 1800

  • Speaking as someone who had to sit through the same exact four Power Point briefings (with the only changes being dates, locations, and other specific information) every time we pulled into a new port on deployment (pulling-in briefing, pulling-out briefing, security briefing, and health and safety briefing), I would venture to say that

    walls of the city

  • The officer thought he was pulling-out a gun and it is believed shots went off from the policeman's gun, "said Vermaak.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • If you're pushing a consumer-focused mobile PC product into an unstable market (I'm thinking about WiBrain, Raon Digital, Viliv, Archos, OQO, Flybook and others here) and you need to sell 20,000 units at $700 RRP just to break-even, you're left with the choice of making your product a loss-leader for your brand (if you're a risk-taker, confident that the device is a high-quality item and that you've got enough money to be around to make money in a more stable economy in the future) or pulling-out completely.


  • Nominal interest rates are zero and real interest rates a negative; 3) Money is the "oil" that makes the economic engine run and money is being printed like wallpaper; 4) Oil prices have collapsed, which is tantamount to a huge tax cut; 5) The authorities are pulling-out ALL the The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • That can range from not having penetrative sex, doing other kinds of things with individuals, it could involve using lots of lube, it could involve [a] pulling-out kind of method, it's all these things - we give people a menu of options that they can take away with them. "



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