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  • He can rattle off, "Herniated nucleus pulposus," and not hear it as funny.

    A Conversation with Elinor Lipman

  • Departing from the pattern of painstaking review, the table quickly went over the pertinent structures, lingering only to consider what occurs when, as the syllabus put it, “the prolapse of the nucleus pulposus through the outer annulus fibrosus, causes impingement on nerve roots exiting the spinal canal.”

    Body of Knowledge

  • The portions of the notochord which are surrounded by the bodies of the vertebræ atrophy, and ultimately disappear, while those which lie in the centers of the intervertebral fibrocartilages undergo enlargement, and persist throughout life as the central nucleus pulposus of the fibrocartilages (Fig. 66).

    II. Osteology. 1. Development of the Skeleton

  • Under pressure the highly elastic nucleus pulposus becomes flatter and broader and pushes the more resistant fibrous laminæ outward in all directions.

    III. Syndesmology. 5. Articulations of the Trunk. a. Articulations of the Vertebral Column

  • This pulpy substance (nucleus pulposus), especially well-developed in the lumbar region, is the remains of the notochord.

    III. Syndesmology. 5. Articulations of the Trunk. a. Articulations of the Vertebral Column

  • Notochordal nucleus pulposus cells from pig, phenotypically similar to human infant nucleus pulposus cells, were all CK8 positive.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • The mesenchymal intermediate filament protein vimentin was present in all bovine and porcine nucleus pulposus cells.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • However our finding of the co-expression of vimentin and CK8 in small isolated clusters of the bovine nucleus pulposus cells indicates that a subpopulation of notochordal-like cells remains in the mature bovine disc.

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  • The notochordal cell population is reported to disappear from the nucleus pulposus of bovine discs before birth and from human discs in childhood.

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  • In addition, the finding of differential expression of proteins in the cell population of nucleus pulposus has implications with regard to the search for specific markers.

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