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  • n. The handle or lever attached to the piston-rod of a pump for moving the piston up and down.
  • n. A wooden or iron piece running back on both sides of a carriage-body to support it on the rear springs. It is usually made with an ornamented or scrolled end. Sometimes called a brake.


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  • There was the pump-handle gesture; the wringing-wet - clothes gesture; and then the voice, oddly detached from the little figure and tremendously magnified by the loudspeaker, went booming and bawling round the hall: Justice!

    The Years

  • In fact he worked it up and down like a pump-handle.

    The Railway Children

  • Her wet pocket-handkerchief, and the sight of her little back heaving up and down like a pump-handle, sobbing for what was denied her, screwed my nerves up.

    The Waves

  • The rusty, iron-bound wood gritted against her hands as she worked the pump-handle up and down, wondering how long it had been since water had flowed through these underground pipes.

    The Warslayer

  • He worked the pump-handle vigorously, letting the first rusty half-bucketful drain away, catching the clear, cold flood that followed in a tumbler, and presenting it to Cassava.

    Calde of the Long Sun

  • The organ was blown by an ordinary pump-handle which made the process equally rowdy; and Rex Brown, the blower, hidden away in his box - and only visible to us in the choir - enlivened the service by parodying it in mime or by carving girls 'names on the woodwork.

    Cider With Rosie

  • This time he wouldn't let her hand go, but went on shaking it up and down as if he was pumping water with a pump-handle.

    Five Go Off In A Caravan

  • He gave one glance, saw his chum leap through the big opening, with the curtain of fire, and then, murmuring a hope that he was safe, he began to work the pump-handle.

    The Young Firemen of Lakeville; or, Herbert Dare's Pluck

  • Electric Monarch has to do is to pump a little pump-handle or press a little button and he's off without it costing him a cent.

    The Boy Inventors' Radio Telephone

  • Where would you grasp the pump-handle when you wish to pump (1) easily, (2) quickly?

    Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study


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