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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of punch in.


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  • “Fifty …” Bashir rolled his eyes skyward, then punched in his code to open the planning-room door.


  • Watering cans were scarce, but a woman armed with a bucket of sudsed tobacco solution and a pewter dipper with holes punched in its bottom sprinkled the growing vegetables—and crops!

    Morgan’s Run

  • I accessed Vincent, decided I didn't want this on the feed, and punched in a key override, wishing there was a way I could find out whether Heada was standing guard without opening the door.

    Futures Imperfect

  • He drew his cell phone out of his pocket and punched in the number for Maria Teller's office.

    Fault Line

  • You drove home, you obeyed the rules of the road, you found your house, your house key, you punched in the alarm code, slipped off your shoes, you procured the family gun from the first-floor study, you found the right room, you caught your husband and Isabel Krug in flagrante delicto and you shot him dead.

    Isabel’s Bed

  • Odo pulled the barkeep into the entrance of the barber shop and punched in his security override code on the doorplate.


  • He punched in the code a final time and swore loudly.


  • Then he picked up the phone and punched in the number for Jeanini8.

    Whispers At Midnight

  • So he found himself back in DC — where he shouldn't be — not even with his new short haircut and wearing a Georgetown Hoyas silver-and-blue hoodie that made him look like some kind of lame Yuppie wannabe who deserved to be punched in the face and kicked in the head while he was down.


  • “Be silent,” said Kronak, as he rapidly punched in a code on the viewscreen console.



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