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  • n. A punk rocker: a performer of punk rock


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punk +‎ -er


  • Biker, when I seen the name punker above it reminded me of a time when I was on the streets in LA more dead than alive, here came 7 tough punkers that look the way you described, all different colored hair etc etc, I looked like a bum my self, however I was looking at them and them at me as they were passing, and one of them said, to me, .. "

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  • I refer to myself as aging-hipster because it sounds funnier than old-punker which is what I am.

    BSNYC Hot Friday Quiz Action!

  • Mr. Berner introduced Mr. Shepherd to his "punker" friends in Prien, a picturesque town near the Austrian border.

    U.S. Deserter 'Having Time of My Life' as He Seeks Asylum in Germany

  • From the bloody hematoma on his forehead to the true Manchu beard-mustache combo, bloody cuts on his body and guaranteed-to-offend tattoos, this seven-inch tall likeness of the late punker best known for using the stage as a toilet, performing naked and attacking his fans is for the hardcore only.

    Boing Boing

  • I am never quite clear on whether all this is sartorial or sardonicDad’s way of announcing that he used to be a punker but is now a middle-school English teacher, or if becoming a teacher has actually turned my dad into this genuine throwback.

    Excerpt: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

  • That is one awesome fishing show, and I had no idea you were a punker, hells yeah!

    Have Camera, Will Shoot Fishing Videos

  • This is a tale of a young woman named Alice Fell, a teenage American punker who has been having visions of the London Eye all her life (and before there was such a thing), so follows her vision to the UK and falls into a conspiracy that moves through secret societies (and shadowy assailants) all the way back to the origins of the Holy Grail myth.

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  • Emily (I missed her last name) -- the cool-looking punker who had a bold song choice she rehearsed endlessly and then "panicked" and chose a really boring song she hadn't rehearsed a whit and delivered a poor performance of it to boot.

    Michael Giltz: American Idol -- Hollywood Week Ratings Down But Strong

  • Kurt Cobain was a small town boy who was ideologically bullied by the hip college kids in Olympia, WA about the importance of always being punker than punk.

    Matthew Yglesias » Selling Out

  • …Repo Man will be a high-gloss, low budget feature film shot in and around Los Angeles… OTTO, a young karate-expert punker, becomes involved in an intrigue… ‘There was never a draft where Otto was a karate-expert, so very possible this synopsis was being tailored to a particular action-oriented recipient: Roger Corman, or the producers of The Karate Kid.’

    Cool Stuff: Alex Cox’s Book X Films | /Film


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