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  • adj. Lacking pupils.


pupil +‎ -less (Wiktionary)


  • And the strange, pupilless eyes were a deep and glowing amber.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Their pupilless eyes glowed Unseleighe red, and they seemed to know what he was thinking — and be laughing at him.

    Music to My Sorrow

  • Emmanuel didn't smile, but a faint light seemed to burn in the black depths of his pupilless eyes.

    A Breath of Snow and Ashes

  • Their pupilless eyes glowed Unseleighe red, and they seemed to know what he was thinking-and be laughing at him.

    Music To My Sorrow

  • They were thrice the size of the human eye and triangular, the apex of the angle upward; black as jet, pupilless, filled with tiny, leaping red flames,

    The Moon Pool

  • It was he who had theorized that the pupilless orbs were each and every pair subtly positioned so that they all focused on approximately the same spot - the one where Cullen's crew was presently engaged in exploration.

    Diuturnity's Dawn

  • They were huge, monsters, like a wolf in a nightmare: four feet at the shoulder, with ivory fangs as long as his thumb and pupilless red eyes that glowed with the light of hellfire.

    Spirits White As Lightning

  • No, this living emblem of evolutionary perversity wasn't merely hairy, it was sprinkled with purple spots-an armpit with a rash-and its pupilless white eyes rolled about the brow of its cephalothorax like mothballs in a lapidary.

    Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

  • His rider ducked his own head as he passed through the willow fronds, and suddenly there was a narrow and inhuman white face hanging before him, its upper half all but swallowed by black, pupilless eyes.

    Wizard and Glass

  • The branches of each tree were obscured by onion layers of bleak blue leaves which collectively blossomed into human faces, each one turned skyward and staring up through milky, pupilless eyes.

    And Other Tales Of Valdemar


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