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  • n. A dramatic performance with puppets, with or without a dialogue spoken by concealed persons.
  • n. That kind of performance which is carried on by means of puppets; entertainment by means of marionettes.


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  • First performed in 1923, it is based on an episode in "Don Quixote" in which the self-proclaimed knight watches a puppet-play about Charlemagne and the Moors and becomes so convinced of its reality that he destroys the entire set while trying to rescue a stricken damsel.

    The Puppet Kitchen's Recipe for Success

  • And all the while, she strained her ears for some hint of what Kyrtian was saying, watching the enormous shadows cast on the opposite wall by the wavering light of his lamps moving in a gigantic puppet-play.


  • As this is the oldest and most authentic basis of all later forms of the story and is doubtless the one which (as well as the puppet-play on the subject) Goethe used as the ground-plan for his poem, I perhaps cannot do better than give a brief abstract of its contents.

    The Faust-Legend and Goethe's 'Faust'

  • _The Knave of Hearts_ is charming, either as a puppet-play or, as

    The Atlantic Book of Modern Plays

  • Yes; it is quite conceivable that, much as I shaped events at Storisende, so here the Author aims toward making an æsthetic masterpiece of His puppet-play as a whole, rather than at ending everything with a transformation scene such as, when we were younger, used so satisfactorily to close The Black Crook and The Devil's Auction.

    The Cream of the Jest: A Comedy of Evasions

  • All the court was gathered together to watch the puppet-play, while behind the scenes the partner took all the leading strings into his own hands.

    The Field of Clover

  • Writing in “Dichtung und Wahrheit” of the period about 1770, when he was in Strasburg with Herder, Goethe says, “The significant puppet-play legend… echoed and buzzed in many tones within me.

    Introductory Note

  • In a small grey town of stone in one of the great Yorkshire dales, which is full of history, I entered a hall and saw an old puppet-play exactly as our fathers saw it five hundred years ago.

    Alarms and Discursions

  • The first idea, the idea about the man at the bottom coming out on top, is expressed in this puppet-play in the person of Dr. Faustus 'servant, Caspar.

    Alarms and Discursions

  • The puppet-play in question belongs, I believe, to the fifteenth century; and indeed the whole legend of Dr. Faustus has the colour of that grotesque but somewhat gloomy time.

    Alarms and Discursions


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