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  • ‘In Peer Munam Shah market located in Old Bus Stand of Kohat popularly known as purana lari ada, Taliban militants are running three shops and using these shops as their headquarter in Kohat,’ a source has said on condition of anonymity.

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  • Yeh to bhajpa ka purana pesha hai voting list se naam dhoondna aur malum karna kahan musalman, kahan isai aur kahan dalit rehte hain.

    Communalism Watch

  • Shri Sathyanaranayana katha is from Skandha purana, Reva kaanda.

    Shree Satya Narayan Puja « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • Mumbai: Education Department, Government of Maharastra,1987. p.48 To cite a few examples, Brahmins and kshtriya king Vena, Puravaras(Adiparva of Mahabarata),Nahusha (Udyogaparva of Mahabarata), Nimi (Vishnu purana relates the story)

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  • Interspersed with the swami's calls for awakening "desh kaa svabhiman" (national self-respect) by teaching "crore saal purana vigyan" (science dating back ten million years), one finds totally unsubstantiated claims about the power of yogic postures, deep breathing and his own Ayurvedic concoctions for every ailment known to humankind including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma and obesity.

    Is India a science superpower?

  • Unlike western biblical religion, there is no single, canonical group of texts that make up Hindu religious literature; purana is a type of text, not a single book.

    Vedic creationists in the U.S. - The Panda's Thumb

  • One of the requirements for a text to qualify as a purana is that it contain at least one creation myth, but these creation myths often differ from purana to purana and frequently are in direct contradiction.

    Vedic creationists in the U.S. - The Panda's Thumb

  • Each purana is like a miniature encyclopedia; the Narada Purana which it is likely the ISKCON bunch holds in particular esteem alone runs to five or six volumes when translated into English.

    Vedic creationists in the U.S. - The Panda's Thumb

  • I blog-discussed dating and physics in a purana, probably Bhagvat Purana.

    Vedic creationists in the U.S. - The Panda's Thumb

  • In the Hindu purana literature, Kalki will be born in Shambhala, located in the mountains of present-day northern Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Taking the Kalachakra Initiation ��� 3 External Kalachakra


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