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  • adj. Whose sole business activity is over the Internet.


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pure +‎ play


  • The formula, which includes revenue sharing and song monitoring, is considered experimental, however "pureplay" Webcasters say the new terms are viable. News

  • This agreement is for "pureplay" webcasters, i.e. those that are willing to include their entire gross revenue in a percentage of revenue calculation to determine their royalties.

    Broadcast Law Blog

  • If they do release a “pureplay” netbook, where does that leave the Air?

    Why I Think Apple’s Touchscreen Netbook Is Real

  • When the Patent and Trademark Office held hearings in 1994, almost all pureplay software publishers (with the notable exception of Microsoft) expressed opposition to software patents.

    Brian Kahin: Too Many Patents? How Patent Inflation Plagues Information Technology

  • All online segments not dominated by google, and often dominated by regional (local) content players (often led by pureplay 1.0 intermediaries followed by fast following established media) with professionally produced websites; User contributions are still limited to a contact us email feedback form that isn't replied to or being able to comment on the odd news article.

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • I hope I'm wrong, but I dont see pureplay edge companies overthrowing centralised-edge hybrids.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • It was timely then that today I spoke to Original Gangsta Banner Pimp Daddy Karl Morris, now GM of Soush, which is a subsidiary of Ansearch Ltd, the newest publicly listed pureplay search engine in Australia.

    Jessica Alba Wants to Sell you Some Banner Ads

  • As always in Australia, in a land of oligopolies things happen slowly, but the combination of incumbent publishers (newspapers with online divisions), market leading pureplay online players (in web-classifieds) and startups, means there should be enough friction to create greater local activity in 2007. (and hopefully over 06/07 Ashes Summer)

    Minister Helen Coonan Goes Blogs, YouTube + Citizen Journalist Centric for Andrew Olle Media Lecture 2006 Keynote

  • When NCsoft began to publish their numbers as the first public pureplay online game company in Korea, I had a difficult time applying these traditional telco metrics because of the nature of the way revenue was generated from internet cafes, as well as usage plans and styles monthly subs vs hourly charges, and shared seats at internet cafes.

    The Numbers Game

  • Its early investments created the largest network of its kind, incorporating many of the leading online radio groups and pureplay music streaming companies.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion


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