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  • abbr. bill of lading


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  • 268 The employment of the technical term purgatorium to designate the place and fires of purification is very much later, and not defined until the thirteenth century as the official and technical word, although used long before that time in theological discussion.

    A Source Book for Ancient Church History

  • Impingitur eis quod non credant _purgatorium_ esse, quod non orent _Sanctos_, imo dicant non esse orandos, teneant _decimas_ non esse solvendas presbyteris, et alia quædam id genus.

    The Rise of the Hugenots, Vol. 1 (of 2)

  • Scriptura sacra purgatorium post hanc vitam nullum novit.

    The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches.

  • Protestants do not believe in it nor do the Greek Fathers, since they reject any Biblical authority for it and say that our responsibility ends with death, and that the "Quodcumque ligaberis in terra," [58] does not mean "usque ad purgatorium," [59] but to this the answer can be made that since purgatory is located in the center of the earth it fell naturally under the control of St. Peter.

    The Social Cancer

  • Cur Papa non evacuat purgatorium propter sanctissimam charitatem et summam animarum necessitatem ut causam omnium iustissimam, Si infinitas animas redimit propter pecuniam funestissimam ad structuram Basilice ut causam levissimam?

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • Constanter teneo, purgatorium esse, animasque ibi detentas fidelium suffragiis iuvari.

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  • The land degenerated into a quicksand bog that mired the backhoe's treads in a sucking purgatorium.


  • December 20th, 2007 at 3: 36 pm baedo says: jack: i moved here from NY (West Point) many moons ago. talked so fast people didn’t understand a got-dam thing i said for nearly 2 years. i’m convinced that NWA (rkansas) is a vortex of the purgatorium or some lesser version of hell, or the bermuda triangle …



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