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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of purple.


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  • They sold the grain at inordinate prices, so that the amount of grain a single ass could carry brought eight of their besants, which they called "purpled," approximately 120 sous.

    The Deeds of God Through the Franks

  • He has said that it is their intention to take away from us our governments, our palaces, and all our purpled ease.

    Chapter 5: The Philomaths

  • When you reach out your vaunted strong hands for our palaces and purpled ease, we will show you what strength is.

    Chapter 5: The Philomaths

  • His face purpled with anger, and his blows became savage.


  • We are going to take your governments, your palaces, and all your purpled ease away from you, and in that day you shall work for your bread even as the peasant in the field or the starved and runty clerk in your metropolises.


  • She flexes her fingers, permanently purpled with the cold, and listens to her knuckles crackle like dry wood.


  • She presses her hands against her purpled eyelids.

    ELECTRIC SMILES • by William Knight

  • She watched in the rear-view mirror as the scarf purpled in the spreading blood.

    Shade to Shade

  • Yet the queen's shade was wrapping round and round Brak so that all his bronzed skin turned blotchy, purpled, and began to glisten wet beneath the funeral-white paste.

    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: The Barge Of Souls - John Jakes

  • Another enemy of pines is the fungus, especially the white, thread-like spores of the purpled stemmed boletus, which often penetrates and disrupts the bark of the roots, forming a white network upon the roots.

    2008 December « Beachwood Historical Alliance


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