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  • The sheen of pearl push-buttons caught Grief's eye.


  • TAG Heuer certainly didn't tamper with history: the Silverstone carries its crown at 9 o'clock, while the polished chronograph push-buttons reside at 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock.

    A Hot Half Dozen for 2010

  • Plastic switches and push-buttons also need to be replaced as these abrade quickly.

    Volcanic Ash&#151Effects on Communication and Mitigation Strategies

  • When I was in high school, my parents got one of those fancy phones with the push-buttons that lit up for their bedroom~~~ a powder blue “princess” phone.

    iPod versus the Walkman | clusterflock

  • It's an uncanny musical representation of an old car radio, the kind where the presets were accessed with those black push-buttons that physically yanked the needle to the appropriate place on the dial.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • Alas, they've lamely replaced the rotary dial with ergonomically tortured push-buttons arranged in a ring.

    - Boing Boing

  • Apple's new tablet phone finally implements my recommendation from 2000 to make a mobile device that spends its entire surface on a screen and doesn't have the traditional push-buttons.

    I too have a dream

  • Digital and analog refer to alternative techniques for the control of machines: electronic vs. mechanical, control by numbers vs. control by motion, push-buttons and keyboards vs. rotary dials and gauges.

    Economic Principals

  • If you've never seen them -- I don't think they're produced anymore -- Effectors were guitars with built-in effects, controlled via a set of push-buttons on the body.

    Competition! Win a Strobopick

  • In fact, you can eliminate the hassle and matching of diodes altogether by using double-pole push-buttons.

    Tap Issue #27 Retyped by The Lineman


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