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  • adv. According to belief.


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putative +‎ -ly


  • The reason a felon isn’t permitted to possess a gun, putatively, is that such a person is of bad character and giving a person of bad character a gun is dangerous to society.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Second Amendment and the Takings Clause

  • Hence, for example, we’ve seen wages stagnate even in putatively tight labor markets when you’d expect wages to increase due to increased demand/decreased supply for labor.

    Matthew Yglesias » Health Care and Wages

  • Others go further and say that only contents that could naturally be expressed using a demonstrative expression putatively referring to the seen object will be adequate to this phenomenology.

    The Contents of Perception

  • For those who had no taste for casual clothing, global elixirs of the American lifestyle were to be found in jogging, fitness, and the putatively rejuvenating face-lift.

    The English Is Coming!

  • Another — a putatively independent commission that is supposed to enforce cost cutting — is barred from going after costs incurred by doctors and hospitals, which leaves out more than half of Medicare spending.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Health Care Cost Control

  • I really appreciate Julian Sanchez saying this: Ironically, we see a lot of putatively conservative strict constructionists who have no idea of [...]

    Standing Pat

  • Ironically, we see a lot of putatively conservative strict constructionists who have no idea of the actual legal issues in play confidently asserting that Sotomayor must have made the wrong decision because the outcome is manifestly unfair, which is supposed to be what judicial activists do — ignore the law and just push a “fair” outcome.

    Standing Pat

  • The putatively “race obsessed” Sotomayor seems to have written the more recent talk largely by plugging the word “Latina” into a preexisting talk on gender.

    Obsession, for Men^H^H^H Wise Latinas

  • Much as people who do not actually care about the poor feel their spirits soar when they go to see a movie about the downtrodden of East Los Angeles, reading the Gay Girl in Damascus blog allowed people in free countries to feel a phony rapport with a putatively brave woman in a repressive but colorful country.

    A Blog, a Hoax and a Literary Tradition

  • When the painter and the poet succeed in incorporating "medium" in the outcome, that is, in creating a work of art, the work in turn provides the viewer and the reader with a potentially rich aesthetic experience that becomes all the richer when they are able to perceive the way the medium itself is being "used structurally" to create an aesthetic whole that precedes any "idea" the work putatively conveys.

    John Dewey's *Art as Experience*


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