putrid-smelling love



from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. having the putrid odor of decaying organic matter


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  •             The time with my canine mother ended abruptly one day when the once-boy, now-man, with a scent of dry blandness, lifted me and my brothers and sisters away from our mother's breast and tossed us into a putrid-smelling basket.

    Coming Back To Earth As A Dog

  • The sunlight cut into the depths of the putrid-smelling room, and dust swirled in the air.

    Beneath My Mother’s Feet

  • I countered them by sitting down and eating lunch right next to the putrid-smelling chum container.

    Steve and Me

  • The bartender poured her a glass of the slimy and putrid-smelling drink.

    May Bird, Warrior Princess

  • We're simply eliminating all that putrid-smelling retro petro-pollution from their valuable natural mineral resource and shipping the smelly sludge - at our own companies' expense, mind you - back to the US.


  • So I might try to change your incentives by playing an opening move in which I announce that I'll build a putrid-smelling sewage disposal plant on my land beside yours unless you sell, thereby lowering your price.

    Game Theory

  • Though surrounded by choking, putrid-smelling smoke,

    Flint, the King

  • Rodger Tuku, who lost his sister and nephew who were employees at the hotel, said from inside the stifling and putrid-smelling morgue that "Nobody cares about the Kenyan victims."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • If I brought the others in here, we might escape the catastrophic photon flare — clean instant death — only to perish in a gorgeous, putrid-smelling abyss.

    Perseus Spur

  • Mal was in the middle of a putrid-smelling hallway, gun out, pointing to a doorway.

    The Big Nowhere


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