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  • n. A type of sharp, pointed knife of Nordic heritage, with a short blade and flat back; normally worn in a sheath on the waist, and used for woodcrafts and as hunting knife.


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From Finnish puukko via immigrants to Canada and USA.


  • The Finnish puukko pictured above is being held in this grip.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • His hand violently sought his belt, and in a moment the long blade of one of those Scandinavian _puukko_ -- knives all peasants use -- gleamed in the sunshine.

    Through Finland in Carts

  • Each labourer pulled his _puukko_ (knife) from its sheath at his waist -- alas, too frequently pulled in anger -- and cutting hunks of brown bread, dragged a fish like a sardine (only it was dry and salt) from another wooden tub, and cutting off bits ate them together, after the fashion of a sandwich, helping himself every now and then with a wooden spoon to a lump of the sour milk, or, when his companion was not doing the same, raising the pail -- the wooden walls of which were half an inch thick -- to his lips and drinking the more watery part of his harmless liquor.

    Through Finland in Carts


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