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  • n. A division of the solid bitumens including, according to the classification of Clifford Richardson, albertite, elaterite, and wurtzelite derived from petroleum, and anthracite, bituminous coal, lignite, and peat derived from direct metamorphosis of vegetable growth.


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  • - Thermal maturity: -- Wytowno S-1 well: thermal maturity values were estimated from the reflectance of pyrobitumen and the Thermal Alteration Index (TAI) obtained from Palynological (micro-paleo) analysis of the drill cuttings, which both equate to a Ro of 1.8 in the Lower Silurian.

  • Based on this researchers found a strong indicator of biomarker migration into rocks thereby indicating that biomarkers were likely to be unrelated to kerogen and the pyrobitumen.

    Telic Thoughts

  • That the rocks hosted these biomarkers, which should have been destroyed by the heat and pressure required to generate the pyrobitumen, "presented a bit of a conundrum," Rasmussen says.

    Telic Thoughts


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